Optimized inventories bring multi-million-dollar savings to CPG giants

  • Multi-million-dollar savings with visibility to inventories and their drivers

  • 50% reduction in non-moving inventory across 70 country category combinations

  • 26% reduction in inventory holding costs

Supply Chain Functions

Manage your demand and supply with excellent accuracy

In the planning phase, you’ll use data insights to balance resources with requirements and establish relations for executing processes for source, make, and deliver processes. You’ll align your supply chain plan with financial plans by managing key business rules, evaluate supply chain performance, optimize your network, re-design your supply network, and better plan inventories.

Transform your planning capabilities with improved:

  • Demand planning: Align demand using the right forecasts to ensure high levels of accuracy.
  • Network design: Use various tools and analytical techniques to re-design your supply network for both developed & emerging markets.
  • Capacity planning: Optimize capacity of manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution networks based on anticipated demand and realize savings by realized un-used capacity.
  • Inventory planning: Optimize inventory levels across distribution networks by reducing non-moving inventory, setting the right level of safety stocks, and optimizing inventory days on hand.

Improve your sourcing of stocked, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order products

You’ll effectively source the right product, from a right place, at the right time. You’ll drive efficient processes to reduce total cost of ownership, streamline spends across the portfolio, enhance vendor performance evaluation and consolidation, improve sourcing replenishment and frequency, and manage payment terms to release working capital savings.

Reimagine your sourcing capabilities with better

  • Commodity modelling: Achieve the right sourcing frequency and volume by forecasting future commodity prices.
  • Strategic supplier management: Reduce spend disaggregation and bring down the total cost of ownership for sourcing a product.
  • Supplier performance analytics: Evaluate vendor performance and vendor consolidations opportunities.
  • Spend analytics: Generate visibility across spend at varied organizational functions. Enable your procurement teams to optimize procurement costs by benchmarking vendors and providing a glide path for savings by changing payment terms.

Execute your production better across make-to-stock, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order processes

Improve your manufacturing efficiency and production planning with connected insights across QCDMS components of production. Achieve real-time visibility across manufacturing processes with components of reliability engineering like predictive maintenance and time to failure parameters.

Optimize your manufacturing processes with:

  • IIOT analytics: Predict production anomalies in real-time, and enable plant users to identify key drivers leading to unplanned system downtime.
  • Shop floor analytics: Predict ‘time to failure’ for assembly lines, analyze drivers of system downtime, and increase production line availability.
  • Capacity and demand modelling: Estimate the right manufacturing capacity that an organization has to invest in to meet 100% service levels.
  • Quality control: Predict off spec production through production line drivers and prescribe counter measures to produce end product.

Optimize your delivery of finished products across order, warehouse, transportation, and installation management

Improve your end-to-end delivery efficiency: from managing orders to last-mile deliveries. Enhance your ability to manage finished inventories, assets, transportation, distribution resource planning, carrier selection, and end-to-end warehouse processes, all while effectively identifying key drivers of service levels.

Enhance your delivery processes with:

  • Warehouse BI: Generate visibility and optimize pick, pack, and ship accuracy across warehouse processes.
  • Logistics and route optimization: Identify the best shipment method, truck type, and vehicle fill rate optimization across your transportation nodes.
  • Order fulfilment: Allocate customer orders to DCs, and improve visibility for better end-to-end order management processes.
  • Service levels: Identify key drivers of service levels, and optimize drivers to improve service-level performance.

Case Studies

  • 2 min. read

    Reduce inventory levels to release working capital

    A CPG organization releases $5Mn working capital by predicting the right safety stock levels.

    The Big Picture A Fortune 100 CPG company had a diverse portfolio of products along with high SKU level complexity. One of the issues that the company faced was a high working capital blockage due to elevated cycle and...

  • 2 min. read

    Use predictive modeling to control critical process parameters

    A fertilizer manufacturer saved millions by predicting product off-specs with 98% accuracy.

    The Big picture A Fortune 100 fertilizer manufacturing company produces fertilizers that must meet quality criteria for key natural elements like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus to be within a defined range of...

  • 2 min. read

    Optimize order volume and frequency to cut costs

    A leading company optimizes purchase frequency and volume to save $1M per packaging material.

    The Big Picture Packaging material adds great value to end consumers’ perception of a brand. Packaging material cost has a significant share in the total cost of the product, and its reduction helps to achieve better...

  • 2 min. read

    Identify the most efficient shipping carriers through advanced analytics

    A CPG company identifies an multi million dollar savings opportunity through effective carrier selection.

    The Big picture A Fortune 100 CPG company had a diverse portfolio of products and high SKU-level complexity. One of the issues that the company faced was assessing each carrier and choosing the right carrier for...

  • 2 min. read

    Reduced shipment complexity and cost through network optimization

    Major Technology company addresses high complexity in distribution and SKU portfolio to reduce shipping costs.

    The Big Picture A Fortune 100 Technology company had high complexity in distribution and SKU portfolio, which led to suboptimal costs of shipment. It sought to reduce its cost of shipment through network optimization....

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    • Solving supply chain challenges through analytics
    • Improving efficiency & reducing costs across S&OP, Manufacturing & Logistics functions through deep domain experience
    • Solving supply chain challenges through analytics
    • Improving efficiency & reducing costs across S&OP, Manufacturing & Logistics functions through deep domain experience