The Big Picture

A CPG manufacturer wanted to deliver personalized insights to its sales team to improve daily sales planning and identify new revenue opportunities. However, its BI process left its area and zonal managers spending their time generating manual insights instead of planning for daily sales. Key insights were missing, as product and market reports were delivered at aggregate levels, rather than granular levels. And only 15% of its sales team was effectively using data in their daily planning activities.

Transformative Solution

By implementing, the company gained an AI-based business analyst that delivered personalized action plans for the sales team, enabled users to get real-time answers to their key questions, and delivered alerts and insights on KPIs to identify optimal sell-in opportunities each day.

Using, the company handled over 1M transactions, from 395K outlets, that were coming in each day at the SKU level. Insights were provided for key KPIs across sales, pricing, distribution, target achievement, and daily sales planning. Patterns and issues in the data were automatically detected. And daily personalized insights were provided for each of the 400+ users on the sales team, with each insight being specific to the user’s geographical responsibilities.

The Change

• Drove a 5% improvement in monthly target achievement within three months of the app launch.

• Changed the behavior of the sales team. The company saw significantly higher sales achievement in the first 15 days of each month compared to the spike it used to see towards the end of each month.

• Saved sales executives more than 6,000 hours per month, and 70% of the sales team logged into the app every week.

Our Thinking