November 8, 2016

Technology Priorities in Karnataka: Opportunities for India-UK Partnerships

Speaker : Prashant Warier


Technology Priorities in Karnataka: Opportunities for India-UK Partnerships

Session Summary

The aim of this event is to showcase UK- Karnataka opportunities in technology and create leads for UK companies- specifically in the areas of advanced technologies, smart cities and cyber security.

The discussion will focus on how business and government can develop frameworks to use smart technology across multiple devices and systems, at lower cost and more effectively and efficiently, while at the same time ensuring data remains secure.

The event will explore Karnataka’s priorities and how UK and Karnataka’s businesses can work together.  To understand the Karnataka government’s view we have invited the Principle Secretary of the Department of IT plus a cross-section of Bangalore’s IT industry

About the Speaker

15 years of experience in architecting and building advanced analytics solutions in the fields of personalized marketing, targeted digital advertising, merchandize planning and network optimization. Prior to Fractal, Prashant founded AI-powered personalized digital marketing firm Imagna Analytics which was acquired by Fractal in 2015. Earlier, he worked with SAP and was instrumental in building their Data Science practice.

Nov 8, 2016