About CAB 2015

Fractal hosted the 3rd Annual Client Advisory Board event on September 9-10 in Chicago at the W Lakeshore Hotel. This was a private, invitation-only event comprising analytics-focused executives among select Fractal strategic clients. The CAB is designed to share insights and learning between Members and Fractal to facilitate our clients in getting Analytics a seat at the C-suite table and drive enterprise-wide adoption of analytics. The end goal of our collective mission is to leverage data, analytics and technology to drive stronger customer loyalty and business performance within the Fortune 500 clients we serve.

“I want to call out how unique this event is. A lot of us get to go to best practices groups, a lot of us get to go to supplier summits, a lot of us get to provide feedback at a kind of an advisory board. Being able to do all three intermixed in a way that I think provides value in 360 degrees is really unusual.” “I think the way this event is run, the content that you have is a clear reflection of your culture and a company that is both getting to know itself and clear about what it stands for. And being able to have this level of transparent conversation with this volume of employees present, I would argue is also particularly unique and I consider particularly positive.” Reed Cundiff General Manager, Customer and Market Research Microsoft.

Featured keynotes & sessions

  • Analysts to Algorithms

    David Dittmann, John LaRocca

    Analysts to Algorithms

    In this session, we will discuss the need for prescriptive insights delivered at optimal times versus static reporting to support the rhythm of the business. We will explore the types of business problems and use cases that lend themselves to this emerging model for delivering actionable insights, including how we can leverage people, processes, data and tools to enable our organizations to drive faster, smarter and more actionable decision support.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Which types of problems (and for which users) should we look to solve proactively versus looking at data to solve a particular problem
    • What types of decisions should we enable for “just-in-time” versus part of the rhythm of the business?
    • What processes, data, capabilities and delivery tools are required to drive the real time consumption and application of prescriptive insights (e.g., email, calendar alerts, SMS reminders, mobile notifications, in-application pop-ups)?


    David Dittmann

    Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics – Procter & Gamble

    John LaRocca

    Practice Head & Client Relationship Leader – Fractal Analytics

  • Putting the Customer in the Center

    Sanjay Pal, Arpan Dasgupta

    Putting the Customer in the Center

    This workshop will review organizational imperatives to drive transformation towards putting the customer in the center, and implications on their analytics roadmap. We will explore how to identify critical organizational, functional, data and capability priorities to set and address broader customer goals. We will explore different dimensions of putting the customer in the center using use cases.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Understand how to approach customer-centricity for people, process, and technologies that crosses functional roles
    • Learn how to apply customer-centricity from different industry examples
    • Work through examples that address organizational alignment, goal setting, training, product definition, insights and data, and voice of the customer


    Sanjay Pal

    Vice President, Strategy and Insights – Burlington Stores

    Arpan Dasgupta

    Vice President, Global Consulting – Fractal Analytics

  • Making Analytics More Strategic and Transformational – from the C-Suite

    Reed Cundiff, Saurabh Mittal

    Making Analytics More Strategic and Transformational – from the C-Suite

    This workshop will frame ways to increase senior leadership engagement and action based on research and analytics thus making analytics more strategic and transformational. Our belief is that it is easier to institutionalize analytics when it is driven from C-level.

    We will explore the strategic role and agenda for analytics to transform business along 5 dimensions:
    1. data, 2. real-time decisions, 3. sophistication, 4. institutionalization, and 5. disruption.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Why is strategic senior level engagement necessary for success of analytics
    • How much of this is a design issue or an execution issue
    • Explore levers of influence, dimensions that are critical and tactics that would deliver the transformation analytics promises to bring about
    • Learn best practices from various industries and lessons from best in class organizations on making analytics top driven


    Reed Cundiff

    General Manager Customer & Market Research – Microsoft

    Saurabh Mittal

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Partnerships – Fractal Analytics