What we do

  • Automate to Liberate Your People

    Deliver automated and production-grade solutions that work towards reducing human intervention.

  • Unlock the Value of Dark Data

    Turn dark data, such as text, images, video, and speech, into structured data with human-caliber quality at machine-caliber scale.

  • Gain Valuable Insights in Real-Time

    Perform large-scale and high-speed analytics on vast volumes of data to generate immediate insights.

  • Scale AI for More Innovation

    Use distributed compute capacity to drive new advances in artificial intelligence.

Our Thinking

Case Studies

  • 2 min. read

    Predict ‘propensity to buy’ using big data analytics

    A consumer goods company predicts purchases to better plan its manufacturing and inventory processes.

    The Big Picture A leading FMCG company wanted to develop purchase propensity models for its customers—purchasing products both online and offline—to better plan for its manufacturing and inventory processes. It...

  • 2 min. read

    Build a unified data delivery platform

    An insurer builds a scalable data preparation tool to give data scientists highly-granular data.

    The Big Picture A leading insurance provider want to build scalable data preparation tool with the highest level of granularity for group of data scientists. To get there, it needed to ingest, process, and load complex,...

  • 2 min. read

    Detect anomalies using sensor data

    An engineering company used gearbox sensor data to predict machine failures at an early stage.

    The Big Picture A leading European engineering company had sensor data that was continuously collected through its multiple turbines. The company wanted to build an algorithmic workflow to enable automatic detection of...

  • 2 min. read

    Deploy a big data technology strategy

    A health insurer develops a blueprint for big data infrastructure to support its business goals.

    The Big Picture A leading US health insurer wanted to improve its existing big data infrastructure to support its future big data analytics use cases. The company wanted to evaluate its current big data use cases and...

  • 2 min. read

    Detect anomalous behavior using security surveillance video streams

    A leading aerospace and defense company used surveillance videos of employees to identify abnormal behaviors at its facility.

    The Big Picture A leading French aerospace and defense company sought to use access control data and surveillance videos to identify abnormal behaviors, while minimizing the rate of false alarms and optimizing true...

  • 2 min. read

    AI based processing of transactions data on Big Data infrastructure

    A leading loyalty firm deploys a data lake ecosystem to support a loyalty solution for large ecommerce platforms.

    The Big Picture A leading loyalty firm wanted to launch an online-only coalition program in a region. The plan was to establish ‘a marketplace of marketplaces’ set-up to offer loyalty solutions to large ecommerce...

  • 2 min. read

    Gain behavioral insights from anonymous website customers

    A technology giant creates a big data dashboard to trace the journey of anonymous site visitors.

    The Big Picture A technology giant, with a sales-centric business model, wanted to trace the journey of its potential customers even before they register on its website. The company wanted to increase conversion rates...